The Dallas Morning News | Anti-poverty programs in North Texas are meeting record demands

Aug 27, 2022 | by Jay Dunn

For the more than 800,000 residents in North Texas who struggle with poverty each day, the shocks of the past few years have made it harder than ever to stay afloat. COVID-19, the job market, the lack of affordable housing and skyrocketing prices have changed the face of need in our region.

This year, inflation has taken an unexpected bite out of household budgets, which disproportionately hurts the working poor because so much of their income is dedicated to essential items. Though the rate nationwide has finally cooled down according to numbers released in mid-August, North Texas wasn’t so lucky. Our region has consistently outpaced the national average, and inflation actually increased in July to record levels.

Read the full column written by Jay Dunn, Managing Director of The Salvation Army of North Texas, in The Dallas Morning News.

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